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Andy Taylor - IT Solution Architect

I started my career in IT in the mid 1990’s as a network technician working for the Australian Navy. In the 25 years since then, there has of course been dramatic changes and developments in the way in which we utilise IT platforms, run businesses and respond to the rapid changes required to stay on top of our game.

The one thing that has remained consistent throughout this time though has been my level of interest in this ever evolving industry, and pushing the boundaries of how IT systems and solutions can benefit people, businesses and the world in general. I can only see this evolving more rapidly as the next 25 years plays out.

In 2014, I made the decision to move from contracting roles for large businesses to building and running my own IT consulting and development business. This move was inspired mainly by my own personal desire to work in a more reactive way for companies who wanted to affect immediate change and improvements and needed help in defining what that change would be and how to affect it in the most efficient and cost efficient way possible.

Our services and expertise has remained quite consistent over the last 6 years in terms of what we offer; We are still very much focussed on the Microsoft platform with O365, SharePoint, Azure and SQL Server BI tools.

We use these skills and platforms to address the pain points often experienced in using larger multi-national IT service providers, and we focus clearly on a direct, hassle free and flexible approach to solutions design and delivery.

We have also partnered with a couple of 3rd party vendors who’s products greatly enhance the Microsoft platforms, and who’s vision and service delivery fits well with our own. Using intelligent digital solutions means our service extends well into rapid application delivery, low coded solutions and instant change to drive business productivity electronically.

Our main focus and aim as a business is to provide a direct and clear approach to leveraging the best value for money from cloud hosted and process driven data platforms. Our business model is designed to cut through the clutter and get directly to the problem or enhancement defined by our clients. We are all seasoned IT professions within our in-house team here in Surrey, and when you talk to us, your talking directly to developers and consultants who have the experience and knowledge to advise and action quickly and appropriately. We don’t have layers of middle management and sales reps because we set out to deliver our skills and services from the very first phone call or meeting.

Myself and my team are passionate about attention to detail, solution integrity and in particular ensuring that we fully understand and interpret a clients brief and requirements ensuring a fast, smooth and efficient implementation without costly revisions. We dedicate skilled and experienced people to manage all our projects throughout the lifecycle and also to provide the support, point of contact and continuous improvement advise post go-live. We feel this is essential to provide the smoothest delivery and overall in-depth project knowledge which is needed for today’s rapid delivery expectations.

We’d love to hear from you about your own IT solutions requirements.

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