Bespoke Business Management System (WEBCON)


Eggborough Power Station is a 2000MW coal-field power plant, responsible for powering over 2 million homes in the UK every day. Eggborough aim to be the safest power plant in the world through modernising the plant with recent technology. Recently they have started using Biomass as well as coal to cut back on pollution and help the local wildlife around the power station, which is regarded as a place of natural beauty. The power station was recently bought by Czech Republic company, EPH, who own three other power stations in the UK.

Eggborough Power Station, EPH, and all the other associated power stations were all using different outdated systems which were no longer fit for purpose. They needed one digitised data management system for all the stations which allowed them to…

  • Record actions taken in the company
  • Report incidents, accidents and near misses
  • Manage and created documents and procedures
  • Produce analytical reports
  • Create a holistic system with the flexibility to build, evolve and supplement with additional features as the needs of the business change.


EPUKI had already made the decision to move to Office 365, with SharePoint deployed throughout the business, so we built their intranet using SharePoint Online. This meant all their current documents were easily migrated onto the intranet and they also kept the collaboration features of Office 365 Online. To include reporting and notifications features, we integrated WEBCON BPS into their solution. Using Office Word templates and Outlook email templates, we are able to create a well branded and formalised solution that includes notifications, escalation procedures and well defined document procedural content that has been driven through a company approval process. Users are able to easily carry out tasks such as log and report incidents and manage tasks more efficiently. Once tasks are complete, the report is automatically sent to the correct department’s document library on SharePoint for their general distribution, along with notifications to the relevant business principles. WEBCON BPS also allows each user to have a bespoke, security driven experience, giving them access to the tools and documents only they have permission to see. All the data that is processed through the system is then collated and presented in charts and diagrams on the intranets dash board though Microsoft Business Intelligence and reporting tools. When it comes to data security and compliance GDPR has also not been over looked here. Using the data driven power of WEBCON BPS, Eggborough managers can quickly and easily locate specific user information as well as flag particular details as being sensitive and therefore of a personal nature. These types of information can be removed quickly on request and also flagged for tighter security only allowing a limited audience access to them. This digitized business management solution not only saves time, but money too. Eggborough no longer have to train new employees on multiple, outdated, complicated data management systems. They also save on maintenance, licenses, hardware, software and cloud storage.