What is TITAN?

Your Digital Workplace Within Teams

TITAN is a digital workplace and collaboration platform built for all units within Teams to stay connected. It provides tools for users to have a seamless cooperation while centralising knowledge management and communication. Within Teams, employees have their own access to a dashboard where they can monitor and manage their notifications, tasks and meetings.

TITAN Features

Simplify Document Management

Enable important features of document management with minimum training

Enhanced Internal Collaboration

Information portal for speedy communication & higher productivity

Projects & Tasks Managed Easily

Titan is easy to use for every business user. Other tools can get too complex

Central Knowledge Base

24/7 Information access for everyone which makes remote working easier

Microsoft 365 Simplified

Get the best out of SharePoint and improve Microsoft 365 adoption

Single Deployment For All Subsidiaries

Configure separate protals for every company on a single tenant

Mobile app coming soon!

User Per Month Subscription